Comsec has been in business since June of 2007. Comsec is an authorize dealer of GeoVision Security Systems for video surveillance and access control using the internationally known GeoVision software.

Comsec is a member of Canasa, (Canadian Security Association). Established in 1977, the Canadian Security Association (CANASA) is a national not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing the security industry and supporting security professionals in Canada. CANASA protects and promotes the interests of its members and the safety of all Canadian through education, advocacy, and leadership.

About Our Staff

Our head technician has over 35 years of experience in the field of security. He was trained and educated by the Canadian military for 22 years as a technologist in communication. With all his experience, he can fully customised a security system to fully meet the requirement of any situation. He is the main Technician that trains and teaches our other installers, so this way we know that everyone has the attitude and competences to satisfy all of our customers.

We believe in customer service. This is a sentence that you hear a lot, but this is what it means to us. Offering the proper system and providing service/training, as well as being available for any question or concern to all of our customers. We believe by doing these services, we offer peace of mind that no matter what happens, COMSEC is there to take care of them.