RF Mogul

RV Satellite System

The Eagle TV Automatic Antenna System provides RV customers the choice of their preferred Satellite TV provider all on the same mount. The viewing experience is HDTV and 4K UltraHD utilizing multiple receiver’s and DVR’s simultaneously.

It’s a true at home experience in the comfort of your RV!

Unlike other Auto-Stow satellite systems in the market, the Eagle can be changed from one satellite provider to another simply by changing the LNB, arm, and software. The Eagle is the only system in the field that is serviceable!The antenna system deploys by simply pushing the ‘SEARCH’ button for automatic satellite acquisition and peaking within minutes. Pushing the ‘STOW’ button allows you to close the system and roll down the road in minutes

Satellite TV

  • Fully automatic system just press SEARCH and STOW
  • Same antenna mount works with any provider – simply change the LNB and TV Receiver.
  • Run multiple HD and UltraHD TV’s independently.