GV-B600LZ LZ Bracket (Optional for use with GV-ML600 on In-Swing Doors)

GV-B600U U Bracket for 600lbs Gate Lock (Optional for use with GV-ML600 on glass door)

The GV-EL202B is an electric bolt, featured with a stainless steel faceplate and a built-in voltage spike suppressor.

GV-FWC can integrate GV-Face Recognition Cameras into access control systems by sending access card data, paired to Face IDs, to controllers either through TCP/IP or Wiegand connection.

The GV-ML1200 is a surface mount electromagnetic lock featured with a built-in voltage spike suppressor and a sensor.

The GV-IB25 / GV-IB65 / GV-IB85 Infrared Button detects infrared movement within 3 to 12 cm and allows you to open the door with a wave of hand.