Face Recognition Reader

The face recognition reader can work with GV-AS Controller and GV-ASManager to create a complete access control system. Two types of operation modes are supported: Face Recognition or Car.


MSRP: $479.25 CAD

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Key Features

  • 2.4″ TFT color screen, 320 x 240 pixel display
  • Special stereo dual sensors (Lens and IR sensor)
  • Up to 80 cm (31. 50 in) detection range
  • 2000 face capacity
  • ≤ 0.5 second verification speed
  • 16-bit Hi-Fi voice and sound indication
  • 12V DC, 2 A (only for standalone operation) / PoE+ (IEEE 802.3at)
  • Built-in 13.56 MHz Reader
  • Work with GV-AS21 / 41 / 81 series Controller and GV-ASManager
  • Can work as a standalone reader
  • Two (2) access modes for the integration with GeoVision controller and software: Face Recognition mode or Card mode
  • Anti-Passback (APB) support
  • CE, FCC compliant



Model No Name Details
GV-AS ID Card & GV-AS ID Key Fob For Card Mode, the GV-AS ID Card / Tag is required. 13.56 MHz cards and tags are available.
Power Adapter Contact our sales representative for the countries and areas supported. Note this is only required for standalone mode.
GV-POE Switch The GV-POE Switch is designed to provide power along with network connection for IP devices. The GV-POE Switch is available in various models with different numbers and types of ports. Note GV-FR2020 is only compatible with mid-span PoE power supply type.

Packing List

  • Face Recognition Reader
  • Mounting Plate
  • Standard Screw x 4
  • Plastic Screw Anchor x 4
  • Security Screw
  • Data Cable
  • Warranty Card


  • For data synchronization with GV-AS Controller and GV-ASManager through the Ethernet, it only supports the following controller firmware version and software version:
    • GV-ASManager: V4.4.2 or later
    • GV-AS210 / 2110 / 2120: V1.41 or later
    • GV-AS410 / 4110: V1.41 or later
    • GV-AS810 / 8110: V1.41 or later
  • All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.